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My Lulus!!!!!

My favourite gym pants: Lululemon Wunder Under!!
Costs a bit much but makes the bum-bum look nice... And no jiggly bits or unsightly cameltoes.
With pow-pink joining the family, they are complete! (for now at least...)



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Serious Stuff Man

Whey Protein Isolate.
Best recovery drink ever!


Workout Aftermath

Got a shade of blush to this?


Why I Eat Bananas For Breakfast?




INSANITY DAY 9 & DAY 10 : Cardio Recovery & Cardio Power and Resistance

Hey guys,

I am not so sure how regular I will be able to update my workouts. As it is, I missed updating it for 1 day, which explains why I combined 2 workouts in this one post.

So, basically, I did Cardio Recovery yesterday. And... here are some of my thoughts on Cardio Recovery again...

It's not exactly 'relaxing time' : No doubt it lasts for a half hour only, short of the usual 40 minutes in a typical workout. But let me tell you, the segment where you do squats and lunges in slow motion, followed by a pretty long 'hold', followed by quick pulses up&down... this will make you scream! (at least I did. LOL!)

But all in all, just the thought that its only 30 minutes make the whole routine kind of good :)


This morning was Cardio Power and Resistance.

I had in mind already that I will not give up or stop halfway or start rolling on the floor like an injured soldier.

Surprisingly, I found myself being able to execute my minimum reps (min 20) AS WELL AS some more!! Well, they do say that you get stronger so this was something positive to take note of.

Though I must say, I cannot for the life of me do the climbing sprints (where you begin in a plank position and your legs sprint up and down alternatingly). I blame my shoes. I truly blame my shoes. They freaking keep off sliding off my heels and it drives me mad mentally! Not only that, for some reason, the soles of the shoes and my ceramic floors hate each other. They will squeak and squeak that I decided to remain in a plank position completely. I'm happier that way :)


Wokie that's about it for now folks! I'll be doing my second fit test real soon! Will update you guys!



INSANITY DAY 8 : Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Thank god for 'pause' button.


That's all I can say.



INSANITY DAY 7 : Pure Cardio


This is exactly what I feel after during and after the workout.

On a better note, I no longer feel darn shagged after the warm up :) *Yes I did say warm up, cuz the warm up alone is draining!

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